Our current cockers, living with us ore in fosterhomes

Drawing of our first am.cocker "Dolly" CH Ice-Star von Mein Heim, She is behind all Carillo am.cockers

We proudly present the Cockers in our home, and some in "Fosterhomes"

The 3 Cockers living in our home:

Carillo Candy Melody ->>>

Carillo Carstein-->>>

Carillo Casablanca (coming soon)

Some of our Cockers are living  in fosterhomes: 

Carillo Covername - "Edel   (retired)
Carillo Carmella -"Mella" 
Carillo Candy Kisses - "Candy" 
Carillo Chalulah - "Lula"
Carillo Alleycat -"Alley" 

Carillo Cocktail - "Maxi" 

Carillo CrimeCraft  Kira 
Carillo Classic Choice- Rieban

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