TegningJan Kolpus

   We live in a small village called Spydeberg >> ca.50 km from Oslo, and about the same distance from the Swedish border. 
We have been living here since 1985, when we moved from a small town called Kirkenes, in the north of Norway.
We live on the countryside with a lot of room for the four footed family.

Kari Granaas Hansen registered the 
 kennelname "Carillo" in 1977.

 Kari  is  also an FCI judge and is judging worldwide.

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Our aim is to breed healthy and pleasant temperament dogs . Who are well up to the breeds’ standard.

Health, temperament, and type is very important when I choose the parents for the next generations.
The breeding stock is winning very well at shows as well.

The cocker's are my very first breed.
 We have many generations of top quality dogs. 

Our Siberians are the "old standar type". They comes from so called "show-lines", and from "working-lines" as well. 
I want the  standard type  Medium and very atletic dogs  as the standar calls for. Not low legged,  and to heavy dogs, who are not able to run in a team, and never to leggy, skinny "racy- siberians" who don't look like a "polar breed" as the siberian are meant to bee, but just a very fast dog, built for speed.





I breed them first and foremost to please my self, but I also hope that my dogs and cats will please the ones who meet, ore lives with them.

Enjoying some quality time with our dogs, in the lovely Norwegian nature!

We want "multi-purpose" dogs. Our Siberians are top show-dogs, family members, pets and active sled dogs!

Perhaps to much to call for in one dog...


Jan Kolpus  & Multi winner Desloupiots Wesson of Innisfree
 Dog of the year in Norway ALL breeds
1999 !🤪

Multi winner Carillo Silver Sky.
A dog I am VERY proud of


We now have  dogs and cats!
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Kari Granaas Hansen:



Kari with 6 "homemade" champions who is pulling the sled. 2005

Kari 2003



Jan Kolpus has been involved in the kennel from 1985.



Drawing by Jan Kolpus.